12 ways to annoy Edward Cullen...

1. When you 'discover' he's a vampire, throw holy water on him and shout,"The power of Christ compels you!"

2. Tell him that Jacob thinks he's a sex god.

3. Try to convince him that Bella his Charlie and Billy's love child.

4. Tell him he looks like Cedric Diggery

5. prance around the house singing "like a virgin" at the top of your lungs every morning

6. Ask him why he likes watching Bella sleep. Call him a pervert.

7. Ask him how his bath with Harry was

8. Ask him if Charlie is secretly a unicorn.

9. Imagine him naked while following him around.

10. Then call him the one hundred and seven year old virgin.

11. Every time Bella comes into the room, jump on Edward's back and whisper into his ear "I'll be your spider monkey."

12. Throw garlic at him while screaming "DIE DIE DIE"

HA! jag är så lättroad..

Postat av: J

vet du hur mycket jag garvade x)


2009-01-06 @ 17:37:46
Postat av: Molly

hahahahahahahahaha, ni/du (har inte riktigt fatta om det är två som lägger upp inlägg?) har absolut bästa humorn!

2009-02-27 @ 20:47:18
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