Gruvfyllo från 100 höjdare

Det har skett en gruvolycka i Ryssland och en journalist är där och pratar med chefen. Journalisten frågar om dom dricker på jobbet (alla super ju där borta) men chefen försäkrar att det inte förekommer något drickande här inte. Detta är en seriös arbetsplats och alla tar sitt ansvar. Så det så.

Observera nu nissen i bakgrunden. Tagit en liten tupplur i leran kanske? HAHA

Master of disguise

               Findus 007. Working undercover en solig torsdag.



Alla gnäller över regeringens nedskärningar av försvarets budget.
Vi kommer ju inte längre kunna försvara oss mot eventuella hot!
Men hey, Reinfeldt, jag har en idé.

I <3 Youtube

Yes. Jag har humor som en 3åring.

Albin 8 år.

Jag tycker i alla fall synd om dig Albin. Martin Timell förstår inte sånt här.

Oh Märy

morning just another day
happy people pass my way
looking in their eyes
I see a memory
I never realized
how happy you made me
oh Märy

when you came and you gave without taking
but I sent you away oh Märy
when you kissed me and stopped me from shaking
and I need you today oh Märy

Im standing on the edge of time
I walked away when love was mine
caught up in a world
uphill climbing
tears are on my mind
and nothing is rhyming
oh Märy...
Idag är jag lesbisk och kär i Marie. Oh Märy..tralala.. riktigt trallvänligt. För orginalet och melodin klicka här. Nu lär sig alla den. Okej? Så kör vi allsång sen.

Things Emmett is not allowed to do..

1. Hold Alice's favourite pair of shoes over her head so she has to jump for them

2. Hum the Jaws theme song whenever Alice walks by

3. Pretend to fall asleep in class...

4. And then pretend to be having a wet dream in which Jasper is the star...

5. Especially when Jasper is sitting in the desk next to his

6.Spread rumours that the reason why Edward never had a girlfriend before Bella is because he is gay...

7...And that he has a crush on Jasper...

8...or Carlisle

9. Wear a tu-tu and tell everyone to call him Princess Butterfly

10. Attempt to turn inanimate objects, such as pieces of fruit, into vampires

11. Claim the "vampire fruit" as his army of loyal minions...

12. ...and try to get them to attack Jasper...

13. Dye his hair black, wear glasses, carry around a stick and tell hordes of 4th graders he is the real Harry Potter

14. Change any of his male family member's ringtone to "Barbie Girl"

(Mina favoriter är nr 9,11 och 13)

Things Emmett must remember

1. Nudist colonies only exist in France

2. His name is Emmett, not The All Powerful One

3. Or Princess Butterfly

4. Or Sex-ay Thang

5. He is not to refer to Bella as 'that cute, clumsy, little meal on legs'

6. Edward will kill him if he hums 'Smack That' as Bella walks by

7. The squirrells are not out to get him

8. It is wrong to run through an airport screaming "BOMB! BOMB! HE HAS A BOMB!" while pointing at Carlisle

9. He is not from "the hood" and he is not a "gangsta"

10. He must stop writing 'For a good time, call Edward Cullen' on the school's boy's bathroom walls
11. He embarrasses himself, and his family when he plays "Lord of the Onion Rings" at lunch

(Mina favoriter är nr 7,10 och 11)

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